Landed in Bahrain

Just landed in Bahrain and getting ready for GulfRun, I picked up my car and already roaming about Bahrain. I keep having to refamiliarize myself with the roads so I do get a little lost but you can always find your way around. The one thing I want to know is if they have a high quality car wash which does a good detailing job, where can I find it in Bahrain?

Now to get things ready, its going to be a fun weekend with GulfRun 6.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. 7amdilla 3assalama. Nice composition. I love the colours too.

  2. more pics please! go BIG Zee go n get em!

  3. dari

    7mdellah 3ala salamtik

    they have zibart , five start or super star ( in sanad )
    , friday’s ( in salmabad)

    i study here so if u need help just ask =]

  4. Welcome to bahrain.. your car is looking beautiful, saw it yesterday in amwaj..

    car clinic is good, bahrain auto spa is good.. if you need direction ask K to give you my number and I can give you directions.

  5. enjoy and have fun,, return in one piece plz

  6. You Suck She Sucks We All Suck

    Don’t do something reckless in order to win. It’s the experience that counts. I’m sure there are people that care about you and would want you to come back unharmed.

  7. Its impossible to get lost in Bahrain .. your back where you started in 5 mins tops!

  8. Akbar

    Dude where are you?

  9. U ok?

    Seriously are you ok??

  10. K.theKuwaiti

    Marzouq is doing great and is on a extended vacation with no access to electronics. ;)

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