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Continental Business First Boeing 757


Business and First Class travel is something to look forward to in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia, but not in the US. Usually in the US the Airlines are outdated, the staff are somewhat not in the best mood and your stuck in your seat until you get to your destination. I usualy try to avoid flying long trips within the US, I usually try to take a long haul flight that lands in the city of my choice so that I can drive to my next destination or a short trip away. And the airport security experience is another story in the US, and the tedious security procedures.

That is my usual experience but this time around I have had a very different and extremely surprising experience. Usually I fly Southwest or United Airlines when I’m in the US because they are usually on time and get me where I need to go but this time around I took Continental and booked BusinessFirst and to my shock they had sleeper seats on the plane. The entertainment system had a few updated movies and tv shows, with a very detailed flight map with information. The seat was very very comfortable and becomes fully flat, and it is comfortably wide. They are upgrading their fleet and most of the Boeing 757s are done, and 777s are completed, but they are still working on their 767s. This surprise was a nice turn around for a US airline which is usually lacking in comparison to its International counterparts but in this case the flight was comfortable, I watch one show while having some yoghurt and then passing out for the rest of the flight. Now Continental has jumped to the top of my preferred list for airlines to fly within the US. And they have merged with United so lets see what the results of that will be as well, I hope they continue to improve their service.