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I’m not one for massages but every once in a while a good foot massage does wonders. I read that a lot of muscles and nerves in the foot tie in with different muscles and organs throughout the body, and certain people with experience and skill can read it when massaging your feet.

Recently I decided to get a foot massage because my feet were aching, and I found a good place while traveling. When the woman was massaging my foot she asked if my lower back was acting up recently, and it was, I kept waking up at night with my lower back stiff and killing me, so I end up not sleeping at night. She kept pushing on my foot and told me that my back will be a bit more relaxed today but I need to work on my back or else it will get worse at a later stage. She told me that I had an acid build up in my back and that I need to stretch more and soak in bath salts once a week to help. I need to reach my toes while stretching, I don’t think I can do that without pulling several muscles.

Recently I have been feeling out of shape and after this reflexology session I realized that I do need to get in shape or things are going to get much worse. But that foot massage was damn good, felt like I was walking on jello.