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Late Night Talk Shows!


Recently I have been watching late night talk shows and used to be a huge fan of Jay Leno. David Letterman is a bit to cheesy, and Conan was a bit too crazy. But after watching the last few shows it seems things have changed a bit, Jay Leno is still a funny guy but Conan O’Brian is insanely funny, he has passed both Leno and Letterman and people are loving the guy. Then there is the George Lopez show, he is a latin comedian who had is own comedy sitcom, and the guy is damn funny and sarcastic as hell. Jimmy Fallon has also improved since his comedy was a little to slapstick but now its more sarcastic and gotten pretty good with the interviews. Conan and Lopez are my two favorite Late Night Talk Shows, and if you have chance you should watch them.



  • Conan O’Brian
  • George Lopez
  • Jimmy Fallon
  • Jay Leno
  • David Letterman