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BORDERS… Depressing

While in the US I usually make stops at Book Stores, its either a Borders or a Barnes & Nobles. And I remember reading over some news that Borders were having from Financial problems but not really going into it. Check out the Wall Street Journal for more details.

Only after seeing that the Borders that I always go to is completely shutting down, and selling its books at reduced prices. I thought its probably a chance to start hoarding some books so I walked into the Borders and it felt like a frenzy of people. It feels like the place was robbed, that people just snatched books and ran, piles of messed up and misplaced books all over the place, bare minimum employees, its just really sad.

You don’t get that feeling that you are surround by an assortment of books and you may never know what you may find. I went to the scifi section which wasn’t too battered and scifi geeks were putting the books back in the place but the fiction and nonfiction section look like they were hit by a storm. I managed to pick up a few books, since they were on sale I thought why not. Then I took the barcode scanner program on my android only to find that even with the 25% to 50% sale price that Amazon is still cheaper. I put the books back because it just didn’t feel right buying the books there. Another funny thing is that nobody touched the Sarah Palin books, the pile is the only set of untouched books in the non-fiction section.

I’m going to head over to Barnes & Noble to buy my books because sometimes you might something that you don’t know that you were looking for in the first place. I hope that Barnes & Nobles survives more and they still manage to keep growing, I think that Book Stores are essential to discover something new to read.