The Aurora

Landscape photographer Terje Sorgjerd spent four years looking to create a timelapse of the aurora borealis or northern lights, then finally flew two hours north from Norway in a park bordering Russia and spent a week capturing one of the biggest displays in recent years.

If you know your epic movies then guess the soundtrack!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. @x11 – Exactly! Loved the song of the timelapse!

  2. thanks for the share… i would have used a different theme song though…

    Sigur Ros – Glosoli

    play the video again with mute on, and have this song in the background…

  3. I was fortunate enough to witness the aurora a few times when I went to the Arctic as a volunteer on an expedition. All I can say is it’s one of the most breathtaking scenes I have ever laid eyes on in my life.

  4. Wyn

    Awesome! Just super awesome! Thanks for sharing. Never knew about the aurora. Great blog and I like it :) cool stuff.

  5. Breathtaking. Will share it shortly on Facebook/Twitter.

    What dedication from the photographer. I admire it as much as the result.

  6. @Abdulaziz – True a different theme! But the Gladiator theme has deeper meaning so its my mind clicking! lol

    @[email protected] – Mashalla! I wish to see it one day!

    @Wyn – Anytime!

    @Bu Yousef – Agreed! Its beautiful and that is a very dedicated photographer!

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