Transformers Takara – Optimus Prime MP4

I have had this in a box for over two years hidden in my closet, I got the full set of Takara Transformers over the years, getting one model after the other. So to start it off I decided to open the Optimus Prime Convoy MP4, I have always wondered what it would feel like and how cool it would look.

I was completely wrong it looked so much better then I expected. Optimus Prime felt so realistic and heavy, he is made out of PVC plastic and metal. The build quality is better than one expects from a toy model and since I had a few others to unbox later I decided to transform him into vehicle mode which wasn’t too difficult, even though there were a few moments that brute force was required and I didn’t feel like being patient. After 20 minutes Optimus Prime was in vehicle mode and I was extremely ecstatic looking at the set on the shelf, I’m looking forward opening the other boxes soon.

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  1. Do I see an iMac peaking in the background ? ;-)
    Can I say welcome to the Dark side? :-p

  2. Thanks for unpacking it for me. Will pick it up this Thursday.

  3. @Hussain – Thanks! Its Die-Cast Metal and its Amazing!

    @G-Funk – Good eye G-Funk (Mashalla) I haven’t posted yet but your gonna get something that you will laugh about! hehehe

    @Mark – This is at the undisclosed location and you will not be able to reach it! With that statement you won’t be seeing it at all! LOOOOL!

  4. XsuiL

    No matter how cool the bikes u drive Z, ur still a true Geek :p

  5. @XsuiL – Thank you Thank you! Geek to the Core!

  6. That’s a classic! It will look good in either mode although if it were me I’d keep transforming it daily :D

  7. @Mathai – I don’t want to touch it because I don’t want to break it! looool! I just want to look it every time! lol

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