BMW M’s Secret Underground Garage

The guys over at BimmerPost got invited to Germany for the unveiling of the new BMW M5 which I find to be a beautiful and aggressive looking machine, but that isn’t the best part of the trip, they also got invited to see the BMW’s M Garage. A secret garage that they keep all the BMW M cars ever built in pristine and bueatiful condition. I have always been BMW fan, and they have everything in this garage worth having from BMW. My favorite and at the top of the list is the BMW 850csi, and I also love the M1 & E36 M3, the E36 being one of the best BMWs I have driven. When I saw the Z3M in the youtube video it reminded me of the old James Bond movie with Peirce Brosnan, and I love how they used them and felt bad for the Z8 in their later Bond movie. Check out the link below for a lot more pics and very nice video of all the cars.

Link: BimmerPost

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  1. WoW, u never know wat these companies r hiding. looks awesome

  2. @Anas – Exactly! Its amazing what you find they have hidden!

  3. Omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!

    I’m having an orgasim right now.

    My favorite BMW is the 850!!!!! That 850csi M edition is SO FKING SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ME WANT!!!

  4. Owen shaw

    I’ve got 7 friends who ride on the E36 M3
    they’ gather often, email me if you’re intersted to see the Cars and drive em around :)

    those Cars drift so crazy!

  5. Not so secret anymore!

    All I have to say is I should never be allowed in… I’ll never leave.

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  7. @yousef5 – Agreed! That is a one off 500 bhp 850 csi or in this case it was the M8! At the time it would destroy all that was around it!

    @Owen shaw – Thanks Owen! I will be sure to email you!

    @elwehbi – I would want to touch everything and get in those cars!

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