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Sidi Stivali StreetBurner

Riding gear is very improtant to me since its the one thing protecting you when needed and I think bike gear is extremely cool. I have been using my Daytona Racing Boots over 7 years at this point, and I was thinking about getting another set for quick use. Protection to my legs and ankles is very important to me so I have always been a little bit skeptical about getting different boots. I saw the Sidi Streetburner a little while back and decided to try it out. These more like quick riding sneakers and not full on boots, they will protect to a degree but not to the extent that I am used to. These boots get a four out of five because they are extremely comfortable, slip on very easily and its a simple mechanism to tighten it, and I love the aggressive look of the boot. One major point is that they are very easy to walk around in, it feels like normal shoes rather then the armor lined biking shoes that I am used to, and the cool ventellation on the shoes is excellent and I can feel it when I’m riding. For $250 I think they are great boots but keep in mind that they won’t protect your ankle or shin in a crash, thats the only reason it gets a four out five. Other then that I really do enjoy using these boots for a quick ride around town.

Link: Amazon Sidi Streerburner