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Blackberry Playbook

There have been a lot of details and press conferences about the BB Playbook and other tablets. And the Playbook is built on Blackberry’s platform so it will be a corporate communication tool and tablet at the same time. I for one don’t think it will fair very well compared to the iPad, and that the case with other tablets, none of them are gaining the success of the iPad. One main reason is that BB App Store is not even half as good the iPad App Store, there aren’t enough applications and they said they would open it up to the Android market which I am not sure about yet. Apple does make good hardware but that isn’t what sells their product, its the user experience and the selection of quality Apps. And in our case the Blackberry App Store doesn’t work on this side of the world, but for Apple it does, it doesn’t make any sense why they are blocking their App store. At this rate I don’t think the tablet will do well especially since it will have very few applications for the international market and you can only do so much with BBM.