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Supply Short @ Subway Kuwait


Subway sandwiches are one of my favorite because they taste fresh and don’t feel heavy after a 6inch sub. I was planning on having a 12 inch sub and I was very hungry, one time last week I called in and they said they didn’t have Turkey Breast for the sandiwch. I asked if they have alternatives and they said they have smoked Turkey which is fine by me, but it took about 5 mins on the phone to get them to understand what I mean by substitute. But last night was the worst, how can a company run out of Turkey when they make sandwiches, they told me that they are out of all kinds of Turkey except for one location in Burj Al Bahar in Hawally and they don’t delivery from there. The supply ran out, which is extremely unexpected, and I was hungry and didn’t have any other option. I really didn’t feel like eating something heavy, and at that point I was starving. How can a company operate like this? They don’t know what their needs are enough to judge the supply of fresh meat they should keep? There are so many subways in Kuwait I don’t know where they are but how could all of them run out of Turkey.