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Lack Of Quality Chinese Food


I am a huge fan of Chinese food and love having it whenever I have the chance. But everytime I have chinese food in Kuwait I am a bit disappointed, its never what I expect it to be and something is always lacking. I know people talk about Peacock as the best Chinese Restaurant in Kuwait, but in my case its a disaster I have gotten food poisoning from them twice and in one case I had to stay in the hospital for the night. The other fast food places usually have one or two good dishes but thats about it, and they are not very consistent. I go to London or the US and love the Chinese food, its amazing and so satisfying, every bite of it tastes good. But in Kuwait they just can’t seem to get it 100% right and I usually eat and then regret eating the food because it wasn’t worth it and I just don’t feel good after the meal. I have tried most of the places in Kuwait and they aren’t good even in Dubai I haven’t found a place with good chinese food.