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The Sunny Day On The Road

The other weekend was very fun filled day of riding met up with some of the Ducati Riding Club guys. We started off as a group of 7 then split up into two groups and we were a group of three. Two Ducatis and Yamaha and some very intense riding, I always love riding with people who know how to ride in a small group and pick up each other’s riding styles so they ride smoothly but fast.

We started off in Bida’a as usual, went to Shuweikh, then to the Airport, and loving every corner we get. I was impressed with the Diavel as I am following the Yamaha R1 around tight corners and at times overtaking the Ducati 999. The Diavel has amazing traction and handles like a sports bike and I love that it gives me the confidence to ride as hard as I like. The brakes on it take a nice big bite when I squeeze it, I just plan on changing the levers when I have a chance, and I really need a small windscreen, anything above 180 kph and my head starts vibrating and shaking like its getting tossed inside a dryer.

Its starting to get a bit hot these days after 10 am so we start riding earlier to try to get as much riding as possible in. I think we have about a few more weeks left of riding at best. The good thing about the Diavel is that my legs don’t get burnt when I’m stopped at a light so I can ride it for a little while longer while it keeps getting hotter as the days go by.