599 GTO In The Flesh

I remember reading and seeing so many images of the 599 GTO at the beginning of 2010. It was a limited edition run by Ferrari its the street going version of the 599XX, and it runs at about 661 bhp. I always loved the 599 and I thought that the 599 GTO would be just the same looking, but I was so very very wrong. I did a double take as I was walking out of the hotel, the last thing I thought I would see in Vancouver Canada is a 599 GTO parked right out front.

This vehicle looks so menacing with its aggressive stance and carbon fiber parts, the combination of colors make for a very mean machine. I literally walk around the car twice, taking a look at it from every angle and it is a beautiful sight. The funny part is the the guy’s license plate, it says “F1 GTO”, I do love personalized license plates.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Such a mean ride! The matte black and red paint go so well together too.

  2. se7s

    Could you please feature a review of Vancouver?

  3. R

    I saw this traveling with another Ferrari driven by a woman on I82 in Washington state near Prosser just a couple of weeks ago.

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