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Battle With The Tooth


The last few weeks I felt something strange with my back tooth, the one right next to the wisdom tooth. I had a root canal done a year and a half ago but it wasn’t completed due to timing. The root was taken out and a temporary seal was made, I thought that would be enough and I had to take off for some meetings. And its been a long time since then, and as usual if something goes wrong with your teeth its always something major.

I felt a crack when I was taking a bite of my sandwich only to discover that it was my filling that came out. This was two weeks ago and I though its ok I will go tomorrow, thats what I kept telling myself. Then again and again I kept delaying it until yesterday the last filling came out and I could feel a hole going down and suddenly I could feel throbbing pain. My stubborness in delaying the visit to the dentist has led me to this disaster, I seem to have issues with dentistes in the back of my head. Now I’m heading over to Kuwait Medical Clinic in Salmiya to try to sort out this insane amount of pain and finish up what ever is needed. Tooth pain is seriously the worst.