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Visa to Canada


A little over a month ago I went to Canada and before that I had to apply for a Visa and to my surprise it takes a little while to get the Visa because you have to send it out of town. And they are very particular about all the details to make sure your Visa goes smoothly, and if there are any mistakes your back to square one and the timer resets back to zero.


  • New Passport Pictures (They will check if its like your passport pics and if its more then 6 months old they will ask you to take new ones and send them, so take new ones when you want to apply)
  • Give 3 weeks or 21 working days for you to get the Visa
  • You pay a bank fee to process the Visa and send that form as well
  • They ask for your 3 month Bank Statement
  • The Visa processing center is in Abu Dhabi not in Kuwait

On another note they were very nice upon arrival, pretty much everyone in Canada was very nice during our visit and helpful. I got a lot of pictures I will be posting up at a later time, and when we were there it was during some Hockey games and they are intense about their Hockey.