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Recently I had the chance to try a mobile car wash service, Wash-N-Drive, and they come to your home for a regular wash which takes about 30 minutes per car or a full detailing which can take all day. In this case they have been washing my cars normally for the past two months, alternating between two or three car every other day.

Whats great is that you can sign up for a schedule with them and in my case they come three times a week at around noon. They arrive in a van with all the necessary tools and detailing equipment, all they need is water and electricity. They are pretty pack these days but they will be adding more personal soon, they are usually consistent about timing and sometimes they run late due to certain circumstances but I do appreciate their professionalism. For 5 KD per car you will have a sparkling car and I do appreciate their excellent service since I don’t always have the chance to go to a car wash. They also wash and details motorcycles and boats and I have seen what they do with motorcycles and they know how to clean without getting the bike too wet.

I am not one for waterless washes as I have tried them before, they are a good concept for a quick touch up and wash but not a full wash that I like so I do like what DriveNWash do.