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Shows That I Have Finished


These are the shows that I have finished this season and loved, there are few that I am still working on. I have sort of been saving them to watch them all one go when I have the chance and luckily there is a small break between now and when the summer shows start.

  • The Good Wife – A very good season
  • How I Met Your Mother – Entertaining Season and Fantastic Ending
  • Glee – Fun Season! Always love the music!
  • Outsourced – Great show too bad it ended but still worth watching
  • Mad Love – Funny show ended too early
  • Shit My Dad Says – Great show, it ended but still worth watching
  • The Mentalist – Insane Ending! Loved the Season!
  • Blue Bloods – One of my favorite shows of this season!
  • Community – Not as good as last season but still funny
  • The Big Bang Theory – Love this show
  • The Office – Amazing Season! So many Highs!
  • Young Justice – Love DC Comics


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