Muchboos Deyay

After a long week this is one of the rewards I look forward to at home. Muchboos Deyaay is one of my favorite dishes and I try to have it at least once a week, and every time after coming back from a trip it is a must to be the first meal as soon as I get back home. Nothing fills me for the rest of the day as much as this, and losing weight doesn’t seem to be on the horizon at this point in time.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Duude! Once again your muchboos post has released a flood of drool that is threatening to flood my office lol!

  2. YAY! Muchboos posts are back :D And just like Mimmi, my sis… she must MUST have muchboos after coming back from her trips LOL

  3. @Mathai – Hahahaha! I thought its been a while! So I had to post!

    @vampire – HAHAHAHA!

    @Ansam – hahahahaha! Its just such good food after a trip!

    @elwehbi – Crisp Clean!

  4. jiblawi

    abi ashoof glass leban w a splash of daqoos w rashat ma3booch in the picture plzzzz… bil3afya

  5. Dude your post killed me :( . I’m on a diet and I cut all portions of my food to at most 1/2 of what i used to eat. Machboos Deyay :( ehe.. I want :P But I can’t have.. Not the way I should have it at least (full plate o daqoos oo daqos bo deech o full Glass of Leban – O side soup, chicken cream Soup with Corn or molo5iya ;p )

    3alaik Bel 3afia 7ajii..

  6. bas 3ad :(

    la 3ad :( 3an el malaqa bas khalas don’t put machboos pictures! i live on frozen pizza in a dorm! come on don’t torture us

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