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SonyEricsson Xperia Arc – Migration

Since getting the first Android phone I have loved the quick development of the OS and the variety of the phone, the updates were initially extremely annoying but they have gotten much better at it and more streamlined with more manufacturers on board with a larger variety of very cool powerful phones.

My last phone is the HTC Desire and I have banged up the phone until there isn’t much left of it. I have had my eye on the SE Xperia Arc since it was announced and especially since they would launch Android 2.3 Gingerbread with it, not like the mistake they made with the X10. The SonyEricsson Xperia line is a very beautifully designed line of phones, and the Arc caught my eye.

I did the migration between the HTC Desire to the Xperia Arc over a two week period, I wanted to get used to it and small differences between the HTC Sense customization to the Xperia customization, and I am a big fan of the HTC Sense UI so it took some time. Migrating the contact details, emails and usual settings took just 10 minutes. But I took my time migrating the programs, I wanted to see what kind of widgets it had preinstalled and then added the programs I like and the new ones I wanted. My old phone had a limited memory so I couldn’t add any more applications, I kept running out of memory so in this case it had a substantial amount of memory on the Xperia.

Some of the programs I installed:

  • 3G WatchDog
  • Sonos
  • BBC News
  • GReader
  • Latitude
  • FourSquare
  • Shazam
  • DropBox
  • ESPN
  • RetroClock
  • RetroDate
  • Flixster
  • Wifi Manager

After using the phone for a few weeks I’m impressed with what SonyEricsson have done and I hope they keep making some high quality phones such as these. The battery life is decent not great, I expected it to be better. The build quality is very nice, one solid piece, and I like the buttons on the bottom but sometimes I touch the screen instead of pressing the buttons which does something else. The feel of the phone is amazing, its very very light, sometimes I forget its in my pocket. The screen is huge, 4.2 inches is a lot of real estate that you can use, and the touch interface and keyboard is very good. The camera is 8MP with a very clear flash, it is seriously amazing, better then anything I would expect from a phone. Overall I think this is a fantastic phone and I love everything about it, except the battery capacity it needs to be doble what it is now