F1 Bahrain Permenantly Cancelled for the 2011 Season


After approving F1 to return to Bahrain for the 2011 we all got excited and were happy that it is coming back. Honestly a lot of people were happy for Bahrain, we want things to settle down and every one to get back to their daily lives. I know that I for one am very much looking forward to visiting Bahrain again for our friends and the track. Bahrain is one of the most accomodating people and country in the Middle East, very nice and very nice people.


Then later in the week, FIA supremo, Bernie Ecclestone, and president Jean Todt decided to go change their mind. They both suddenly announced that Bahrain is out of bounds again. All the teams participating in F1 filed a formal later against reinstating Bahrain to the FIA and mentioned that all that teams won’t be participating in that race since they have gotten warning from their respective governments that their safety can not be guaranteed in Bahrain such as the warning from the US Embassy and UK Embassy, which is very sad since things have very much settled down in Bahrain and its considerably safe, people go about their daily lives normally. I do hope that this exemption is only for this year and hopefully returns for 2012.

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  1. akbar

    Sad news for F1 lovers in middle east. Hope things get better soon. Will ,miss the BAHARAIN GP.

  2. On and off again… this dramatic saga was bound to end in the way we hoped it wouldn’t. Inshallah all will be back to normal next year.

  3. @akbar – Inshalla F1 Comes back soon!

    @elwehbi – Inshalla!

  4. I too pray for things to go back to normal in beautiful Bahrain – F1 and all.

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