BMW 1M Coupe – In True Form

This is a very short video but it is pure automotive passion, you are left with only the purest form of driving, I watch in awe of the skills of the driver and the capability of this amazing machine. I want one, I won’t lie, I want to drive this car, I want a manual that I can thrash around town and around a track. It seems this is part of the BMW 1M driving videos, thats hope there are some more videos just as awesome as this one to come out soon.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. akbar

    Chem M3? GX-R Chem fulus ya akhu? :-) reply in eng. lol

  2. whoa! that was intense! Even though its just a 1 series the M badge gives it serious cred!

  3. @akbar – lol

    @elwehbi – Same here!

    @Mathai – Exactly! And its manual!

  4. This can’t be real driving… can it? Love it. Will share this video on Facebook and Twitter later. Wow.

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