Halo Combat Evolved – Anniversary Edition

The Original One! The One that started it all! The one that made XBox what it is! A few weeks ago I went to Hawally to try to look for the Original Halo, I was a bit nostalgic, but to my luck I couldn’t find it. And now Microsoft is coming out with the 10 year Anniversary Edition, all polished and ready to play on the XBox 360. The best part of the whole thing is that now Multiplayer of the Original Halo can be played on XBox Live, so time for Sidewinder Rockets on XBox Live.

Link: Kotaku

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  1. Niceeeeeee :D.. Do you know when it’s coming out? My Xbox Sitting eating dust for a while now. The only use its serving is keeping my son entertained by switching it on and off and smiling at the beep :P

  2. @Dude – Coming out in November!!! I seriously can’t wait! Its an amazing game!

  3. I hope they don’t change anything with the weapons, specially the pistol.

  4. @Abdulsalam – AGREED! The pistol did a lot of damage in the first Halo! Then later on they reduced it which made it annoying! Two Good Headshots and the guy was dead!

  5. They are already working on Halo 4 and they will release a total of 3 new halo games Halo 4,5, and 6.

  6. @Chuknum – I know! But I can’t help but love the original!

  7. Meepseys

    well my xbox is broken for now but im still gonna pre-order it :D

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