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The Blogs Of 2011


Halfway through 2011 already, time really flies by and this summer just keeps getting hotter. Lots of things to do outdoors as well as indoors, and during that time I’m always browsing the blogs. Recently there have been some very cool blogs popping up as well as the ones who just cover so much in Kuwait. This is the list that I keep checking every few days, always something exciting to read and enjoy. I’m sure there are ALOT of blogs out there that I have missed but right now these are the ones I’m checking.

p0ach – On top of everything like usual
7adjiDude – Two guys One Girl! A variety of interests and fun to check out!
360Dewan – Love what these guys do!
His&Hers – Husband and Wife Duo! Posting Fun things!
Qurtoba – Always on top of things! And love the interviews!
Kuwaitiful – Gadgets! Coverage! Openings and More!
Kal01 – The Japanese Addict – Otaku – Anime, Models, and Any Aspect of Japan!
Tid Bit Dujour – Design and Tips of all Kinds! Enjoy what they do!
Jacqui – The Apple Gadget Freak!
Frankom – Old is Gold! Always something interesting to read
Ansam518 – Interviews, Food and more!
Mark – On top of things