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MJ: How Quickly They Forget

Scottie Pippen recently said that LeBron James may become the greatest player ever, check the ESPN article below. I think out of all people Scottie Pippen would know better, I for one am a huge fan of Michael Jordan a name known the world over, just like Michael Jackson – MJ, Michael Jordan brought basketball to the world arena. I am not a huge fan of the NBA but I always enjoyed watching it when its on TV, and Michael Jordan is one of those players that made it that much more entertaining. I remember even back in the day I used to have a denim jacket with the Bulls Logo stitched on to it with the Houston Rockets and Denver Nuggets. Michael Jordan redefined Basket Ball winning 6 championships with the Chicago Bulls, we loved them as kids and didn’t watch all the games, Michael Jordan reached people across the globe, LeBron James will not be able to do what he has done.

Link: ESPN