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Review: Highschool Of The Dead

Plot Summary: Takashi Komuro is a normal highschool boy, until an infection breaks out that turns people into zombie-like creatures. Along with his friends & the school nurse, they fight their way out and continue their journey to find out what exactly has happened to the world.

This really took a page out of World War Z, a couple of students stuck in school with a few zombies coming in only to find that it is a world epidemic. They all start off in different groups and you see the characters of people in this situation, where kids have to decide to kill to live or just die if they don’t try. The anime is fun and I do love seeing people with sorts and weapons, but this anime takes a turn for the funny and kinky, its serious and funny at the same time. It shows some people doing what they have to do to survive and some hold on to their humanity and some don’t, and then there is the kinky part and it shows up pretty early in the show but its just a fun quick series to watch 12 episodes, I was hoping that we would see what exactly would happen and how they would fight these zombies to an end but it seems they left that part to be continued.

Link: AnimeNewsNetwork