What I’m Reading

I have had a lot of books pile up over the last year, I keep buying more books then I read and some of them are pretty damn good. I wish I read faster or more, I always feel satisfied whenever I’m done with a book and these days I have some very good books such as the one below. Ben Collins is The Stig from Top Gear and you a get a glimpse into his life and how he became a racer then The Stig, you even get some insight into what The Stig was thinking when doing these crazy stunts which is pretty cool when you remember the episodes that go with it, if you are fan then you have to pick up this book. Shit My Dad Says is purely hilarious, seriously, this guy’s sarcasm is over the top and upfront, you will love it. Simon Pegg is a comic genius and you will love his a book which you gets you laughing form the start. Going to give a full write up once I’m done with these books.

  • The Man In The White Suit – Ben Collins
  • Shit My Dad Says – Justin Halpern
  • Nerd Do Well: A Small Boy’s Journey to Becoming a Big Kid – Simon Pegg

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. K.theKuwaiti

    I see what you did there …

  2. You just love “Shit my dad says” in its entirety hahaha

  3. I need to see what the fuss is about re ‘shit my dad says’… The stories of The Stig also sounds interesting :)

    Sorry I missed you by two hours at the bookshop. Probably a good thing because you would have made me buy these books too and I’m running out of space in my luggage…

  4. @elwehbi – Oh very much so! He is hilarious!

    @BuYousef – Lol! You would have ended up with an extra 20 KG like I did! hahaha!

  5. crash

    I admire the fact that you read so much, especially for a Kuwaiti guy! Very rare (and refreshing, inspiring, appealing) indeed!

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