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Sonos Play:3

I’ve been blasting music through a variety of Sonos products for years now, I have slowly been increasing the collection of Sonos devices throughout the house and especially since they are adding new music service every day it makes for a very good music distribution system. Debuting today is the next step forward for at-home or at-work networked music playing with the release of Sonos Play:3. The device, designed as an all-in-one unit, promises bigger sound quality in a compact package, perfect for any room in need of bumpin’ tunes.

The Play:3 gets its name from its three integrated speakers, three dedicated class-D digital amplifiers and three drivers. With an overall goal to crank up the quality, each unit also has a passive rear-firing bass radiator to keep the sound rich.

The beauty of Sonos is that the hardware all blends perfectly together to be controlled from your iPad, iPhone, Desktop, Sonos Controller, or Android device. They slowly keep improving the selection of hardware that you can use with the Sonos music Distribution system and all you have to do is add it easily and play your music normally. I can’t help saying how much I love their system and all the music that I can play through it. And for $300 this isn’t too bad to join the Sonos music system and then expand later on and you see necessary, the best part about the Sonos guys is that they make sure the sound of their devices is fantastic before putting it in the market.

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