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Solo Pizza Supporting Bayt Abdullah’s Childrens’ Hospice in Ramadan

As part of our corporate social responsibility and in a means to give back to the community and support a good cause, the management and staff at Solo Pizza Napulitana will support Bayt Abdullah’s Childrens’ Hospice in the holy month of Ramadan … Join us and help support this great cause!

For every Pizza item and Nutella Dario Sweet that you’ll enjoy with us, half a Kuwaiti Dinar will be donated towards the cause.

Solo Pizza is supporting Bayt Abdullah by donating a part of their revenue during the month of Ramadan which I think is fantastic of them. They are open between 10pm and 1am every night in Ramadan except Friday. I did enjoy their pizza I just hope they have a few more choices later in the future, I do love the mushroom pizza but it would be great to have a quotro formaggio in the near future, if you haven’t been to them yet then you should go soon.

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