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Fasttelco Game Pal Service


FASTtelco has launched GAME PAL a new 1Mb and 2Mb broadband service aimed at online gaming fans. The super-fast broadband packages have been introduced to cater to all the gamers around Kuwait. Subscribers can take advantage of choosing either 1Mb or 2Mb downstream speeds. FASTtelco’s 1Mb Game Pal service allows you to play the latest PS3 and Xbox 360 Games FASTtelco’s 2Mb Game Pal service allows you to play the latest PS3, Xbox 360 and PC games. So say GOOD BYE! to lags and delays and join the first and only service dedicated to online gaming in Kuwait… GAME PAL.


  • 1Mbps Game Pal service – 189KD/ yearly
  • 2Mbps Game Pal service – 269KD/ yearly

SALES: 1838485

The most important part for online gamers is to lower the ping of your connection, this the case with XBox Live, PSN, World Of Warcraft, Starcraft II, and any online game. Fasttelco partnered with a company in Europe that runs game servers and now have a dedicated link from Kuwait to thier game server farms, the service will also reduce the ping time for games played on US game servers. Surprisingly the biggest gaming server farm is located in Northern Europe and they host all of the Blizzard servers, I hope that they have connected to that company to provide this service.