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Griffin iPad 2 Intellicase

When I first got the iPad the first thing I wanted was a decent case so I automatically checkout Griffin to see what they had, and they had a nice selection of covers, and I did the same thing when I got the iPad 2. But with the iPad 2 it seemed that a lot of manufacturers were having difficulty putting together a decent and functional protective case, I didn’t want just a sleeve or something fashionable, I wanted a case that would make it easy for me to watch shows and movies on my iPad 2 in any situation and protect it while I’m moving. The magnetic case from Apple sucks cause it keeps falling off and their have been a few situations where the iPad ends up falling on my face, and thats not good.

With the Griffin Intellicase your iPad 2 is held securely in place and you can place it in a standing or sitting position based on your viewing needs. I for one do love Griffin products because they are made with functionality and quality in mind.

Link: Griffin

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