The Green Lantern Models

I made this model purchase before the movie even came out, I was so excited to see the Green Lantern since GL is one of my favorite characters from DC Comics for a long time, by far one of the best. I just couldn’t wait for movie so I preordered the Hal Jordan statue using his ring, and the Green Lantern Lantern itself which came with the Green Lantern ring.

I was surprised how cool the Hal Jordan statue was, very detailed look and the green punch forming around him, I loved it. Then Lantern was amazing, it looked exactly like the one from the movi and the added bonus was that the ring fit perfectly, and if you bring the ring close to the Lantern it surprised me, the Lantern lights up which is insanely cool. This is displayed proudly with the rest of my comic and movie memorabilia. Can’t wait for the GL2 to come out, they said its supposed to be darker and edgier which is exactly what it needs to be and they have so much story to use from the Green Lantern comic books, I just can’t wait.

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  1. I am totally feeling the power with the ring in your hand.

  2. Oh BOY OH BOY !!! AM SO JEALOUS !!!! loved the ring !! loved the LANTERN HE RING OMG 3ajeeebbbbbeeeen , gonna order soon !

  3. Oh BOY OH BOY !!! AM SO JEALOUS !!!! loved the ring !! loved the LANTERN THE RING OMG 3ajeeebbbbbeeeen , gonna order soon !

  4. @Kuwaitiful – I swear I tried it!! I point and thought of robot body armor! I was hoping maybe! But damn its cool!

    @RED_SONJA_Q8 – Loool! It is very cool for sure! Its so well made!

  5. @RED_SONJA_Q8 – AlterEgoComics.Com! Great people to work with!

  6. Mohammed

    I love your watch :) which one is it if i may ask?

  7. whoa! how awesome is that? Great purchase man! :)

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