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Gaming Challenge Kuwait


FASTtelco will be organizing an online gaming tournament on September 3rd at the Regency hotel, lots of local teams and famous teams from Bahrain and KSA will be participating in the event.

Registering for the tournament is on Thursday 25 -yesterday- and the games are:

  • Call of Duty 4
  • PES 2011
  • Super Street Fighter

This seems like a very cool idea from Fasttelco and the gaming community, not sure what to do if you didn’t go to the Thursday registration I’m sure they have other ways to register. I know people that live by CoD and PES, Street Fighter is an interesting mix, I would have to play for 24 hours a day until September 3rd to be able to match some of these guys out there. The skills of some of the gamers in Kuwait is insane, the funny part is when I find them on Halo and going crazy. If you are into any of those games check out the competition.


Check the registration line below from The Regency! Looks like a lot of people already signed up!