Yakuza In Pictures

The Yakuza are one of the most dangerous organizations currently operating in Asia and specifically in Japan, and they have been around for a long time. I tend to find the Yakuza to be extremely interesting with their complex set of rules and honor system, there are those are living by the old code and those living by the money. It is a difficult world to see let a long penetrate, but through two years of perseverance Anton Kusters from Belgian managed to gain the group’s confidence and bring photographs of this world to light. Be warned some of the photographs are explicit.

Link: BBC

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  1. La ye7ooshik! I wonder what happens when Yakuza members meet Mafia members? Who gets to win? :P

  2. THOSE THIGHS! *nosebleed*

  3. I find the yakuza to be much more frightening and disturbing than the mafia or any other organized crime syndicate. They just seem more disciplined and organized, hence colder and more brutal than anyone else. Any one who’s willing to withstand tremendous pain for the group won’t hesitate to inflict even more pain on the enemies of the group.
    What’s more amazing is getting the yakuza’s confidence and taking such great photos of them.
    Very interesting post, thanks :)

  4. These guys are efficient and extreme. I read an article sometime ago about a lady Yakuza boss who inherited the position from her family. She was covered in tattoos at the back.

  5. @Q80 In Denver – Yakuza no question! They don’t mess around!

    @Kal – Loooool!

    @Jesus – No problem! I agree with you they are group to be respected and feared!

    @Mathai – They do not mess around!

  6. Farooq

    I’m surprised by the fact that he is still alive..Indeed Yakuza gang is very heartless and ruthless group who work behind shadows.

  7. The Godfather

    A yukoza movie would help

  8. The King

    Mafia or Yakoza?…. I bit if those two gangs ever heared of the old time great Kuwaiti gang “3yaal Al-JooGa” who used to rule Kaifan, bcuz if they do heard defiantly they’ll be scared and Jooga will win :p, but unfortunately the JooGa gang is gone now and they will always be remembered as the most dangerous Kuwaiti gang who ruled kaifan ;p btw JooGa is their family name ;)
    kaifani and proud.. Peace

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  10. ki

    Much respect for these guyz they are just outta this world….

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