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Dar Nur In 7Zones

I have been hearing about Dar Nur for some time now and wasn’t sure where it was. We found it recently in 7 Zones, which is a new complex in Shuweikh. 7 Zones was supposed to be a new Sun City type location but all indoors with furniture, design, and electronics all under one rood, but due to the legal issues between the original project owners and the land owners it has someone stagnated. It feels like some what of a ghost town but there is a lot of potential for the place. Dar Nur is located on the 1st floor and I don’t have any idea how we found it, you just have to ask security because the place’s design makes you feel like you are in maze and I keep getting lost in it. Dar Nur is store with small furniture, home accessories mostly in a Mordern Islamic and Funky Design.

We were very happy to find the place open since last time when we found it the shop was closed in the evening. I loved the store the moment we walked in, it felt refreshing and a lot to look at. The first thing I noticed other then the furniture and accessories were the books, and I was honestly excited, I love finding Art books about the Middle East and Kuwait so I was rummaging through that for a little bit and picked up two books. There were some very cool acrylic tables which would lovely in any home, and there were some very cool bean bags as well. I love places like these in Kuwait and luckily a few are popping up and each one with their own specific style, I hope to see more shops such as these and I hope they become successful. If you have a chance be sure to check it out it has some fun stuff.