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Al M. Gallery

Saw the recent post on ArtOfKuwait.Org and decided to pass by Al M. Gallery which is in Salhiya on the Mezzaine 2 close to door 4. I never knew there was a gallery such as this in Salhiya and I am fan of Art but haven’t been to galleries in Kuwait because I never know when or what is going on with the galleries. Honestly I don’t have a clue about the Kuwaiti Art Scene and I want to know more but luckily ArtOfKuwait does update when there is a new exhibition so I started following them on Twitter and Google Reader. This was a very nice and cozy gallery not big but full of heart and the owner and gallery director were there talking and came by to give us information on the artist. I honestly loved the feel of the place and I hope they have more exhibitions, honestly seeing this made me proud.

One exhibition gathered together 13 artists and display 27 artworks of 80′s-90′s-00′s. Most of the artists are known already as the classics of Kuwaiti art and the artworks were approved by time.