Raid 0 & 1 Explained With Sandwiches

D-Link takes a very creative way to Explain the different kinds of Raid to people. For techies Raid has been a part of their lives for decades but with more homes using home storage solutions from so many different companies they would be confused as to what is all the different types of configurations for their hard drives. But as for Raid 1 & 0 this is the best explanation yet and you will probably be hungry after the video.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. If only they taught us this way in college I’d be an expert in redundant drives now lol!

  2. (O_O) !!! “
    i just throw WD hard drives everywhere
    don’t know how many i have!

  3. Seriously, this is the best explanation I’ve seen of Raid yet. I’m stealing this, man. :P

    Hello, Z..long time. :)

  4. can’t be simpler than this!

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