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Customs Going Overboard


I have recently been complaining about package delays from Customs but it seems it has gone to another level. You can forget that half the people aren’t going to work because they have decided to strike until they get the salary of a CEO in a billion dollar investment company with all the benefits. There are new regulations in customs that EVERY package has to be searched and ANY media goes to ministry of information.

I spoke too soon about my limited edition Gears Of War 3, I should have just picked it up from here instead of the craziness that I now face with them. My package has been transfered to the Ministry of Information because they don’t trust my translation for video game and they said all media has to be searched by Customs not some. I thought customs was an issue before but this has been taken to another level, I went to the Ministry of Information to see what is going on. They told me that it takes 4 days to process and if its clear it is sent back to customs at the airport and then you clear it there. So basically another 7 to 10 days for the whole process to go through on top of the two and half weeks it has been in Kuwait. I will see what will happen next.