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Wanken & Designspiration Office

There is always something good about having a very comfortable office. This is the offices of Wanken & Designspiration for working all types of media. Taking photographs and plastering all over the wall for inspiration, I really like that idea, and thinking of applying to my office. Its interesting that he uses the Yashica and the iPhone as his photography tools, I have equipment laying around but not as utilized or organized yet.

Wanken originally started as a video production venture by brother and myself in 2004. After a while video production become less of an interest so I took Wanken and ran with it in a different direction involving design and photography. The first versions of were interesting to say the least–full flash sites with intros and hit counters. When the blog started it was only photography but soon after, my interests evolved; architecture and graphic design became more prominent.

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