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Private Sector VS. Government Sector


There has been a lot of talk over the past year over the pay in Government sector being low but in reality these people don’t work much or go to work between 2-4 hours or don’t go at all without any consequences. Its a disaster the way things are going recently, and they complained about incentives that Kuwaiti’s recieve in the private sector but it was an incentive so more Kuwaitis work in the private sector but now that has all gone down the drain with the ridiculous salary increases in the public sector as well as the salary incentives that they receive. Some of them might be valid but a huge majority isn’t and we are only setting ourselves up for failure in Kuwait at this rate.

This below is statement from a friend of mine and he says it very well.

Think about it this way.

How many hour private sector work vs government

The responsibilities/consequences of private sector vs government.

We work longer hours, and have more at stake if we fuck up then they do.

Also as a Kuwaiti employer you are responsible to pay all your electric bills monthly or they will close your file at the government. You have a mandoob whose only job is to make sure to visit all the ministries to make sure nothing blocks your file.

Public sector doesn’t have to pay their bills since they have no need for labor services or other government entity.

We as Kuwaiti business owners bust our asses to get shit done in this country just to have someone in Baladia or Commerce to fuck us over cause we actually followed the rules.

We are Greece in the making people. If we dont start controlling the public sector they are going to run us to the ground.

Now the starting Salary for a Fresh Graduate in any of the Public Sector Oil Companies is 1800 KWD and for the Audit Bureau is 1500 KWD. That doesn’t include that some people will or have already recieved ridiculous salary increases for doing nothing, some people’s salaries will have increased by 6000 KWD monthly which is insane. I honestly think that some people should be paid more for the work they are doing but a huge majority of people working the public sector don’t even work so why should they receive more money for doing nothing. Then you have the strikes for people who only work a few hours a day and want more, its really sad seeing the state that Kuwait has reached, someone needs to make the tough decision and pull the plug like Regean and Thatcher did to bring the public sector inline. We have departments in goverment where 10 people do 1 person’s job yet nothing gets done in that department.

I have friends who have been working the banking sector for over 9 years and their salary isn’t 1500 KWD, they said they are better off quitting and working in the oil sector at this point. If the private sector is to survive they have to really move forward with projects that involve the private sector not put all major projects all hold like it has been for a long time now.

I have lived in other countries before for college and work, but I really wouldn’t want to live anywhere else but Kuwait. I for one remember not having Kuwait during the Gulf War and it was a horrible feeling and at the rate we are going Kuwait won’t be around in 20 years or it will be a disaster of country in 10 years.

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