Steve Jobs by Walter Issacsson


To be honest I do believe that Steve Job’s was one of my favorite CEO’s he did a lot for animation industry and the challenged the computer industry and every other media and technology industry out there. He certainly left his dent in the universe people are still trying to wrap their heads around his loss. At least you get to hear the story of the man himself, I’m not much for Biographies but this one I am going to read giving you an inside look inside Steve Job’s life. Written by hand-picked biographer Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs by Walter Issacsson tells the tale of Steve’s professional and personal life, informed by unprecedented access to Jobs, his family, friends, and co-workers, including details of his final days at Apple, and reflections from Jobs as he faced what he called “Life’s greatest invention.” Rest in peace, o turtlenecked one. You will be missed.

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  1. Pre-ordered both the hardcover and eBook can’t wait till they arrive! :D

  2. @Jacqui – I know you will be the first to read it! lol

  3. Got it on my recent trio to London. My daughter pointed at it as we walked in, ‘baba, Steve Jobs’. I actually really enjoy biographies and not necessarily of people I like (Stalin was a very interesting read). This one I’m looking forward to very much.

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