Who Reads More: Book Readers or E-Readers?

Are people reading more with E-Readers these days? Do people read more Books or E-Readers? I have an iPad but I have started reading comics again because of my iPad. So people put together an infographic, there is an infographic for everything and this one is from GOOD and Column Five. It seems E-reader owners not only read more books, but purchase more than their bibliophile holdout equivalents. For me I am sticking to my books for now, there is no better feeling then that book in hand, I will see how I think about it when I get my Kindle Fire.

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  1. Jonathan

    Well, the kindle fire does not e-ink device, you will read like you do in the same like ipad. You should buy the kindle touch or kindle DL. It is very comfortable to read with electronic e-ink, not on the eyes, the enabled devices is very light, has all the benefits!

    I have a sony 6″ e-ink and i’m happy, i beg you, buy an electronic ink.

  2. although i have the normal kindle i still believe in reading actual books. to me kindle is for when i go out and books that i dont find them in a hard copy. plus my purse is getting heaving with all the books i’m carrying.
    so i guess both have their pros and cons.

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  4. It’s kind of true especially for those who are not in the same country where new books get released in. For example, some of the novels I read are part of trilogies and such so if I were to wait until the book is releaesed, purchase it, ship it to Aramex, wait for it to get it here, it’ll be 2-3 weeks whereas I can just click “Buy” on my iPad, Kindle, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac, Whatever and have that book ready to read in a second.

    I purchased the Steve Jobs biography via Amazon (the hardcover version) however at the same time I pre-ordered the eBook via iBook Store, I had to have both (might even grab the Kindle version) simply because this is such an awesome book that will shed light on one of the greatest men in history.

  5. well im a E-Book reader & i wont deny that for the past few years ive been too lazy to read but since i started downloading e-books on my iPad it helped me quite alot coz no matter where i go i have my iPad with my so through the day i find myself opening my ebook and reading at least 5 pages.

    sure nothing like good old fashioned book between ur hands but still u have to remember to take it with u every where unlike the ipad

  6. @Jonathan – Very true, e-ink is better from what I can see but I was honestly looking for Android as a platform and integrated with Amazon seems to be a good combination for me!

    @Esperanza Writes – I can understand your reasoning! Sometimes a book is too heavy to lug around and the e-reader is easy enough to take around with you!

    @Jacqui – Yeah, the wait really does kill! But your going crazy over the Apple book! I honestly expected it! looool!

    @Mohd – Very true! That is one of the major benefits! Just pick it up and read without any issues!

  7. Convenient? yes; normal? noooooo. I agree there is noing like the feeling of paper turning when you’re going through a good book. I love reading magazines and newspapers on my iPad. I’ve stopped buying paper ones – but I still collect fee ones :) – but books just don’t feel the same.

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