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Comedy Central Roast Of Charlie Sheen

The meltdown of Charlie Sheen over the past 6 months was probably one of the most talked about events in entertainment this year. Nobody could make sense of what this guy was saying or if he really was insane and took too many drugs. I have been used to hearing about him being in trouble for doing one thing or another but this was hilarious. He was talking crap about this boss and everyone in the entertainment industry and saying the weirdest things about Tiger Blood, Winning, Midgets, and Coming from Mars. From being the highest paid man on television to just being the highest man on television, the guy lost his bolts.

It seems he settled things with producers and the company, and settled for a nice cash lump sum and has been appearing in different places looking and sounding, then they announced that they would be roasting Charlie Sheen on Comedy Central. I have seen some of these Roasts and some of them get brutal, and I knew William Shatner & Seth MacFarlane were appearing so I had to see this Roast. The funny part is that they timed it to be at the same time as the season premiere as Two And A Half Men. The Roast was hilarious, some parts were ok but most of it was ridiculous, some of those comedians were brutal and Charlie Sheen finished it off at the end. If you haven’t seen its really worth seeing and entertaining.