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Review: Batman – Year One

Batman: Year One is a DC Universe animated feature based on the classic Frank Miller comics that re-imagined Batman’s origins in a darker, grittier fashion, and would go on to become the seminal tale of who Batman is, and how he came to be. A wealthy playboy and a Chicago cop both return to Gotham City where their lives will intersect in unexpected ways.

Year One is story of Batman from the beginning of Gotham and the state that it was. This was the entire point of Miller’s comic: bringing readers into the minds of Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon to show the thoughts and motivations that led each man down the path to becoming the character we know today. What I liked about the animation is that it told a gritty story, without all the gadgets, just batman as he became The Dark Knight. I really liked Jim Gordon in this animated movie, he was a deep dark character who has attitude and I think he was a little more developed then even Batman to a degree. Batman cleaning up Gotham and Gordon taking over the law of the town. The only thing I wanted was it to be a little longer and for them to jump into the Frank Miller story, make it a bit darker and for sure a longer movie.

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