Droplet Art Photography

INCREDIBLE water droplet art photography of Heinz Maier is amazing, I wouldn’t know where to start with something like this. The work to get the lighting, colors, water, camera, and type of lens to get the perfect picture takes a lot of time to figure out and even longer time to tweak to get it just right. For now I am just admiring his work, and more can be found at his flickr account below for the full spectrum of his droplet art photography.

Link: Flickr

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Man, it’s amazing how some of them look like mushrooms blooming… the colors and shapes are beautiful!

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  3. il pazzo

    amazing shots, true works of art >>> thumbs up ;)

  4. @Kuwaitiful – Lool!

    @elwehbi – Yes its amazing!

    @il pazzo – Very true Art!

    @vampire – Can’t blame u!

  5. Very nice. Technically not a difficult task, but to get them to come out nice and as a work of art, it takes a lot of experience. These are very nice indeed.

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