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Catching Up

This weekend has been especially busy with the GulfRun Go-Kart Endurance Race, and these guys did a fantastic job organizing it. I took a lot of pictures and video of the event, which I’m planning on working on and posting up later when I have a chance. It lasted 26 Hours and these guys were on it nonstop, so the days leading up to it I was barely in front of a PC or a TV.

I also came to the realization that I am totally out of shape, more then I have ever been. I haven’t gained weight but I’m getting tired quickly and certain tasks that I did normally before were normal but this time around I’m getting tired which isn’t a good sign at all. I have a set a goal at this point, to lose weight and gain my stamina back.

I also want to catch up with a lot of TV shows that I have missed, some shows I am keeping up with but a lot of the shows that I regularly follow have been paused for a while now. So hitting the elliptical is going to be part of my routine so I can probably load up my iPad and watch some shows there, so thats one plan.

More details will emerge once I have everything lined up in my head. And yes sleep, sleep has been escaping me these days.