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Review: Upper Crust Pizza in Kuwait

At last I managed to make it to the new pizza place in The Village in Fintas, and I think this was the official opening of Upper Crust Pizza. As I expected when I got there the whole place was packe, a small complex of restaurants causing huge traffic in the area. The wait wasn’t that long at all, about 10 mins and we got a table outdoors and the weather was amazing. For those who don’t know Upper Crust Pizza was originally from Boston, and for the first time out of town it has opened in Kuwait. We tend to have a tendencies to have restaurants open in Kuwait before the rest of the region and sometimes before even Europe, and this is one of them.

The menu has two sides to it, one is the usual sets of pizza from Upper Crust and the left is a larget assortment of ingredients for you to choose from. We choose the Buffalo Pizza, Spinach Leaf, Veggie Pizza, Bubs BBQ Chicken, and a Calzone. The pizza arrived, all 14inches of it, one after the other so we had enough time to eat each pizza as it arrived and the Calzone was ridiculously good.

The staff was friendly and fast, the food kept coming one after the other. So many people were there ordering that by 3:30 pm they were out of Meat Lasange. Every time a pizza came out before ours did I was getting hungrier and hungerier so the wait for the food was killing me. They ordered a salad which I didn’t even bother trying, I was here for pizza and pizza is what I got.

For the first time visiting the place it really was as good as I hoped, even better. The thin crust pizza which didn’t make you regret eating it after your done. The staff were friendly, the atmosphere was buzzing, and the food was good. If you haven’t been there and you like pizzas then you are missing out because you will love it. Would I go back again, I did the next night and loved it.