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Traveling In Two Directions

New Years is around the corner and its not really hitting me because I have a lot of work to do I’m trying to make sure that I get it all done. So it doesn’t feel like a huge vacation to me, but a lot of people took time off during this time and are making the best of it. To my surprise everyone is heading to one of two directions, UAE or Beirut, and the flights are packed. The schedule for Christmas & New Years is crazy there are so many flights and they are still fully booked on most flights in each day. Beirut is booked up to 105% and Dubai is booked up to 100%, the occupancy rate on these places have gone through the roof. And the thing that Beirut and Dubai are doing is that they have a minimum 4 Day booking for New Years, so you can’t just come and go stay a night and come back. Its these crappy marketing ploy that they kept pulling in Dubai back a few years ago that drove me nuts.


  • 5 MEA Flights
  • 2 Kuwait Airways Flights
  • 2 Jazeera Flights

Total: 9 Flights


  • 4 Emirates Flights
  • 2 Jazeera
  • 2 Kuwait Airways
  • 5 Fly Dubai
  • 3 Etihad
  • 2 Air Arabia

Total: 18 Flights