Top Gadgets & Things For 2011


At the end of a crazy year I think I have done some decent damage to my Amazon cart. Year on year the selection of electronics just keeps getting better and larger, with a few big ones that made a big scene like the iPad 2, Kindle Fire, iPhone 4S, and Google Galaxy Nexus. Below are just the list that popped into my head by the end of the year that left a mark for being interesting products and must be added to cart. Any other gadgets or items that pop into mind?

  • Amazon Kindle Fire – Small, relatively cheap, and relatively awesome, the Kindle Fire is a great econo-splurge if you have any interest in portable movies, books, and games.
  • Samsung Google Nexus – If you don’t want an iPhone this is the best option, and in my opinion a better option for sure!
  • Harry Potter Blu-Ray Box Set (All 8 of them) – How could you not want this?
  • Roku 2 XS – Simplest and best media player for your home
  • Mac Book Air – They revamped it and it packs a bunch and still very light
  • Go Pro HD 2 – The coolest and smallest video camera out there
  • Sonos Play 3 – I’m a huge Sonos fan and they have made the perfectly sized audio player/speaker for this size
  • Nike MAG – The Special Edition Back To The Future Nike Sneakers, I still want a pair to display on my shelf
  • Sharp 80″ LED AQOUS – 80 inches and only $5500 not bad at all, every man loves big screens

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  1. ahmed

    Roku 2 XS?! the best media player. seriously ??!

    i think you need read about this product more!? the only way it can play media is through the usb port!? and it supports a very limited list.
    Roku is more about streaming services like netflix, free entertainment channels.

    if ur looking for media player for your home then u really need to look for something else! i would say boxee. anyways, just wanted to make sure u know what Roku

  2. Phoenix

    What about the regional restrictions for the Kindle Fire?

    Will you be able to download books and use all of its features and applications?

  3. @ahmed – I know about the roku, I meant its simple enough for people just to plug and play! But your right there are better and I’m working on that write up! :D

    @Phoenix – Yup I am! The only restrictions is with Pandora for example but overall its pretty good! I haven’t tried downloading a movie or tv show yet but I will later!

  4. Phoenix


    Are you using any American credit card or is your Amazon address listed as US based?

    Please keep us updated on how your experience with Kindle Fire goes, especially with the movies/shows.

    Thanks a bunch

  5. @Phoenix – Yes! I use both a US Credit Card and Amazon Address in the US. I ‘m gonna write up a full review for next week and keep you posted!

  6. Very Good 2011 Gadget Selection I agree with most of them :P

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