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GulfRun @ GUST Carnival

I got a chance to check out GUST for the first time, and they had the GulfRun booth in the center next to FoilArt & Zain. This was my first time to enter the GUST campus in Mishref and I have to say that I was impressed as an outsider the only thing that they are missing is a parking structure even though it does have ample parking. I didn’t walk through the facility completely but I was impressed with what I did see, and I really liked the spirit of the students.

The Carnival is an event organized by the Student Association and I have to say they did a very good job organizing it. I like the setup and it was in a nice area with a lot of walking space, and in the circular courtyard were the food booths. There were a lot of student entrepreneurs and its great to see them trying to sell their products and services. The funny part for me was seeing the GulfRun booth just in front of Zain since the Wataniya Logos were all over the cars, but they seemed to be a good sport about it, and the Zain Zone people were pretty nice. My surprise was seeing the Lotus 211 parked right there and the Lamborghini Aventador parked on the side walk as well. While I was roaming around I also picked up a lot of Kettle Corn from Popcornopolis.